About Lady Glock Photography

I cannot remember the first time I took a photograph. However, I do know that, when I was a kid, I used to set up my stuffed animals (of which I had many) in a specific order so I could take their portraits. I also used to chop peoples’ heads off when taking their pictures. Some might chalk that up to the fact that, being short, my line of vision is lower than normal.

I believe that there was something ingrained in my psyche…things in fragment have always fascinated me more than full images. Details are sometimes more interesting than the bigger picture. Imagination has always played an integral part in my work as I try to give the viewer the opportunity to figure out what is going on in my photographs. This would probably be a good time to mention that when I was four, I convinced my preschool class that there were butterflies on the ceiling of our classroom. My work is about taking your imagination in a different direction, allowing it to wander through different story lines.

A bit of a bio: I was born and raised in the Washington DC area. After graduating high school, I went to Hampshire College in Amherst, MA where I studied photography and cultural studies. During my time in undergrad, I spent a year in New York studying at the International Center of Photography. Most recently, I received my Masters Degree in Photography and Urban Cultures from Goldsmiths College in London. I’ve exhibited my work in a number of group and solo shows and have had my work published in a few different publications.

Lady Glock Photography was born out of that desire to seek the imaginative fragments in the world around me and my obsession with collecting moments of the every day.

So please, feel free to look and live vicariously…

If you are interested in my work or have any questions, please contact me at dafnadil@gmail.com

– Dafna Steinberg


One Response to “About Lady Glock Photography”

  1. I saw some of your photographs at ARTOMATIC. And I think I saw you at DXC yesterday. Anyways, I’m feelin’ your work. Respects

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