Pictures From Artomatic… (Round 2)

So as I posted previously, I’ve been leaving disposable cameras next to my wall at Artomatic with a sign inviting people to take their own photos. Here’s the second batch…with more on the way!






(This is one of my favorite photos on the roll…I feel like I could sit down and have a cup of coffee with her while discussing some intellectually silly topic)





(I think it was these girls that left me a note in my book telling me which photo they were in and signed all their names. I thought that was pretty sweet)


I was also happy to see some people getting creative with how they took their photos…


(Being a huge fan of graffiti, this photo is particularly awesome. Who ever you are Noyes, you have a new fan!)


(This girl and her friend took not just one, but THREE photos. They wrote in my book and then showed me what they wrote in the pictures.)



(In case you can’t read it…it says “Hey Girl! Beautiful Photos <3” and then their names.)


(Not sure if this is so creative as it is funny. Nor am I sure whether it was on purpose or not. However, I still love it)

While I love seeing pictures of people I don’t know who stop to look at my work, it’s always awesome to be surprised by photos of friends of mine who stopped by.


(Shout out to The Glasshouse DC for stopping by)


My girl Natalie stopped by with her sister. Keep an eye out. I’m pretty sure I’ll have photos of Natalie up soon under “Photos of People I Know.”

These pictures just keep getting better and better. I’m so excited to see what the next camera (which I just picked up today) will have on it. If you go to Artomatic in the next few days, there’s a fresh disposable camera there, so get ready to take some pics!!


~ by ladyglock on June 18, 2009.

3 Responses to “Pictures From Artomatic… (Round 2)”

  1. Yeah these were great!

  2. yay!!!

  3. these are so freakin’ good. what a brilliant idea!!!

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