An Assortment Of Visual Stimulation

As of late, I have been part of numerous conversations regarding a few things connected with photography. The topics have ranged from the issue of esthetic versus concept to whether or not party photography should actually be deemed “art”. The results of these discussions are probably too long for me to really elaborate upon here.

However, they have made me think and rethink about what kinds of photographs I want to have representing my personal work. For me, my photos are representations of how I see the world and in my mind, I make the distinction between the photos I take for myself and the photos I take for other people. I realized recently that this blog was becoming more about the photos I was taking for other people than it was about what I was really seeing.

I want to stress that while I will still be putting photos up from the different parties/events/concerts I go to, they will be edited down. I really want this to be a space where I can show of my artistic/editorial work and while some of the photos I take at parties/events/concerts are artistic, the subject matter is generally not the main focus for my own work.

With that said, here are some photos I took in the past couple weeks (and yes there are some party pics 🙂 Call me a hypocrite…I dare you!)









~ by ladyglock on April 6, 2009.

2 Responses to “An Assortment Of Visual Stimulation”

  1. Wow. These pictures are AMAZING Ms. Glock 🙂

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